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The warm light of a candle. Vegetable oils and butters melting and slowly slipping over the body. A sweet whirl of fragrances and pleasant emotions that inebriates the senses. This is the candle massage. A relaxing massage performed with cosmetic candles, 100% natural, embellished with wonderful essences. This is what makes the candle massage special. The Candle Massage is a complete body treatment, strongly anti-stress, which combines the benefits of an intense relaxing massage with the strong moisturizing and nourishing power of the natural mixture of which the candle is composed.


During the treatment, the operator's hands slide softly and lightly, dwelling on certain points that correspond to the most important Energy Channels which, when massaged with appropriate movements, eliminate any blockages or contractures that prevent them from sliding harmoniously. To this end, the manual exercises that are performed with the use of the dissolved and warm butters and oils of the Cosmetic Candles, are transformed into a ritual and are extremely long, slow and felt, like a gentle caress capable of transmitting warmth and well-being to induce the right degree of relaxation that will allow the person to increase the capacity of Listening and Sensory Perception.  Involving every area of the human body, physical and ethereal, we will act on the global energy, rebalancing the chakras, energy meridians, flows and Aura, interacting with breathing and retained emotions.  The reactions to this treatment are subjective but always extremely pleasant.

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