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A suggestive and deep ritual that takes advantage of the numerous properties of bamboo, the re-mineralizing plant par excellence.
This particular treatment of Asian origin is carried out with various rhythms and maneuvers. In this way, the lymphatic drainage is reactivated, relaxing the psychophysical tensions. Benefits for the body, but also for the mind. The benefits of bamboo massage are various. First of all, the improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation. The bamboo sticks, in fact, stimulate the venous return and drainage of liquids accumulated in the tissues. This translates into the disposal of toxins and waste substances present in the body and the fight against cellulite, especially in the early stages. Another benefit is its relaxing action that allows you to stretch and loosen tense muscles, rebalancing breathing and eliminating stress. Bamboo massage also brings benefits to sportsmen and sportswomen, promoting muscle relaxation and decontruction. 


The massage is contraindicated for pregnant women and those who suffer from varicose veins.


Bamboo cane massage has its origins in China, Indochina and Thailand. It was most likely originated by Buddhist monks as an "anti-stress therapy" to complement traditional herbal practices. It then spread all over the world, quickly establishing itself not only for its numerous benefits, but also for the originality of the suggestive and pleasant ritual.



Bamboo massage uses bamboo canes of different length and diameter, specially polished. The exceptional qualities of lightness, flexibility and strength are used to perform a deep massage. The massage, comparable to the myofascial massage, also makes use of the forearm and elbow to apply large and important pressures on the muscles and connective tissue of the recipient.

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