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Conceived and developed by Eva Reich, daughter of Wilhelm Reich, the bioenergetic massage has in itself all the bases of the psychosomatic approach that revolutionized the vision of the body. At the basis of Reich's work there is the impotent identification of fundamental areas in the human body, energy that can flow freely or stop depending on childhood traumas, educational programs received that have caused self-inhibition and repression. The body is structured into transversely arranged segments and Reich identified 7 of them: ocular, oral, cervical, thoracic, diaphragmatic, abdominal and pelvic; they correspond to those organs and groups of muscles that are in functional contact with each other.



It is not the same massage for everyone, with a unique and rigid protocol: just as happens in bioenergetic analysis, the massage is structured on the physical type and experience of the person. The rhythm and the type of contact also vary depending on the person. in summary, in our body we have our experience. in bioenergetic massage we consider five character structures: the cerebral type, the dependent, the compressed, the dominant and the rigid; obviously the boundary between the structures is unstable and a person never embraces a single profile, but there is at least always a double if not triple identification. it is an exchange to all intents and purposes and whoever performs it recreates manipulations in sync with breathing. Among the benefits is immediately obtained a rebalancing of the respiratory function, improves the state of the lymphatic and circulatory system, there is a decrease in fat deposits, as it improves the metabolism on all levels.

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