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The Zingaro Reserve is one of the most admired natural gems in Sicily. There, you can experience the sea as it was centuries ago, if not millennia; the work of man lacks almost entirely, except for some rural houses. There is not one coastal road, there are no cars, no noise except the one coming from wind and waves. The preserve was established because of the document signed by thousands of citizens that have prevented the construction of a street connecting directly Scopello to San Vito Lo Capo. Thanks to them, there is only a “face to face” between man and the genista, the olive, holm oak, between the walker and the curious eyes of a fox or a seagull that met by chance on their path.


The Baglio di Scopello is a construction of Arabic origin dating back to the seventeenth century. Point of reference and centre of a small community, it rises in the district of Scopello, a hamlet of Castellammare del Golfo. The medieval village develops around a quadrilateral structure and a common courtyard that acts as a shield for the few houses present. The village still preserves a rural aspect and is a place not to be missed in the province of Trapani. Nearby, among the main attractions is the Zingaro Reserve, a wonderful stretch of coast characterized by white pebble beaches.Baglio di Scopello a village in the province of Trapani, Sicily
Stone paved and a precious drinking trough. From here begins the visit to the Baglio di Scopello, a site of great scenic and historical value.Set on a cliff, it looks like a living crib, a corner caressed by a few souls, where time seems to have stopped.It is an authentic place, where you can meet the hollowed out faces of the local people and the flavours of Sicilian gastronomy. Inside it are developed simple activities related to the catering sector, tourist reception and crafts.A huge arch marks the entrance threshold of the Baglio Isonzo and opens the doors to the presence of a centuries-old oak tree, witness of past civilizations. One breathes a golden atmosphere, of deep tranquillity, which screens the intrigued glances of travellers.