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Mariolina Fumo is the founder of Naturarte Suites.  You can see her various artworks in each suite. Her studio is open by appointment to discover the new pieces being made or if you wish to develop a work on request.

Mariolina Fumo

Founder of Naturarte Suites 

All my creations are made up of plants found at the end of their life cycle or dead as result of human action.

My reworking of this inanimate nature aims to reshape it for a new function. Looking at the shape and the original structure I can see a new creation and a new life for it which inspires me to complete my work. The techniques I use are always different and so are the procedure and the execution time for each individual piece. I am often quite surprised to discover something unexpected that I did not imagine could be enclosed and hidden in a dry branch, but sometimes I can already see the creature even before drawing it out with my art. Finding the objects that will then become my pieces is always an accidental event. I spend a lot of time at one with nature, in many different places. Searching has become part of my life path. A path that is always new and unexpected and never let me know in advance where it will lead me. The idea that other people can observe and feel my creation fills me with joy. Not always my creations arouse feelings of joy, sometimes in fact they cause curiosity and sometimes they can even disorient who looks at them, anyway having an appealing effect on everyone and this fascinates and stimulates me very much.

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