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The origin of the Californian massages from which Alchemy's Relaxing Ritual takes its inspiration is that of a region where in the seventies a movement of liberation of the body but also of the mind was in vogue. A search for spirituality that brought body and mind together in a single philosophy of life, in which harmony with nature was a source of well-being for the mind as well. Gently stimulating the numerous nerve endings of the body, the relaxing massage also stabilizes the nervous balance. By exalting the internalisation, it allows to rediscover the richness of the senses and to listen to the signals that the body sends out. Therefore, its effect is physical but also psychological, because this massage improves, by reflex, the perception of the body, listening, self-esteem, and promotes fulfillment. The Californian massage is aimed primarily at those seeking a moment of true relaxation, to those who want to abandon themselves and find harmony with their body. Thanks to its sweetness, which awakens the senses, this type of massage promotes relaxation, which is especially beneficial for people who are stressed and overworked.


The hippy California has created a real theory of wellness, which in terms of emotional massage, focuses on relaxing and decisive maneuvers, with essential oils and a strong contact between recipient and massaged. The Californian massage was carried out reciprocally by the different members of the group therapies: one massaged the other in view of a complete liberation of one's own body and that of others, for a well-being to be shared in communities dedicated to the search for balance and far from the stressful logic of the most productive cities. Emotional and liberating, the Californian massage was born precisely to free from the chains imposed by traditional society, which in the seventies was still very strong and imposed, especially in the puritanical world, the concealment of the body, sexuality, feelings and natural emotions. 



The technique is aimed at relaxation so the movements will be light and fluid, unlike draining or sports massage, this type of maneuvers are performed slowly and superficially, following the energy points on the body and the nerve endings centers. The tracing of the energy meridians and muscles of the body, creates a pattern to follow that the masseur is able to manage with his maneuvers. It starts from the feet up to the head, creating a path that is also of empathy with the person being massaged, in a context of energetic and vital exchange.

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